'America's Next Top Model British Invasion Recap' - Season Finale

By Michael Pascua,
Will a panic attack force American Laura to lose to British Sophie?

After a full season of insanity, chaos, and several wacky photoshoots, Tyra's national pride experiment finally comes to a close as American Laura takes on Brit Sophie. After AzMarie left for the Americans it was a done deal for Laura to be the final girl standing. Likewise, a few quitters like Alisha helped Sophie become Britain's number one choice.

Laura and Sophie returned to the MGM and the two were excited about making it to the end. Sophie pointed out that she was a stronger walker, while Laura had the better book. The two celebrated with a victory lap around the empty hotel. The girls received a Tyra Mail warning the next day was a "blast."

The girls arrived at a beautiful temple greeted by Jay Manuel, probably one of the last times we'll see him. The girls will be doing their CoverGirl ad as they both expected, for Blast Flipstick. Mr. Jay then dropped the bomb: the girl's commercial has been taped the whole season. The photographer was Jez Smith who we met previously. The girls went to hair and makeup while trying to learn their script.

Jay emphasized that Laura needed to talk to the audience. Sophie naturally had a beautiful execution of the script when she practiced. Sophie started the commercial first and tried to move when she had to stay in place. While it had good over-the-shoulder movements, it also had chin-to-the-heavens that looked wrong. Laura first photo had shots that were too puckered. She lacked any self-confidence in her headshot. She tried her best not to faint for the second shoot as Jez gave her a few minutes to breathe. She sucked it up and kept going for the shoot.

Laura was shaking and couldn't breathe. She lay down and Jay had to send her to the hospital. Sophie was told of the news and while she was worried, she tried to shoot with fun. Her photo was a wrap.

Laura arrived to MGM and called her mother. She had a panic attack and her mother pointed out that she had a moment where she thought she would die. Sophie arrived and hugged Laura. Sophie reminded her about being petrified on the Macau tower. The girls got another Tyra Mail with some Italian.

Valentina Serra, from Vogue Italia, and Jez Smith arrived for their Vogue Italia photoshoot. Laura tried to prove that her shoot was still great. Valentina loved the modeling potential, Jez thought she struggled. Laura was natural for the spa photoshoot with her angles.

Jay popped up at the MGM and Laura had to shoot her commercial. She pushed through the nerves and Jay was happy that she could push. The girls got their final Tyra Mail for the Forever 21 runway challenge.

Tyra arrived at MGM and met with Sophie and Laura and had a personal talk with the girls. Tyra talked to Laura about the panic attack; she tried to emphasize that she fought through the pain. Laura explained that she had a troubled home and Tyra was supportive. Tyra asked Sophie how a Brit could win and Sophie was confident. Tyra reassured her about how different she was and made Sophie tear up a little bit.

The girls met Jay for their final runway at the MGM Macau. The show was a holographic runway as the former contestants also arrived as decoys. The girls went to hair and makeup. Alisha kind of regretted quitting because she would have to win. There were less than 19 second changes according to the producers. They got some last minute tips from Jay. Sophie claimed that she was the underdog, but Laura's runway made her nervous.

Tyra opened the show with a whole ton of Tyra’s, because the show was about Tyra. The girls started the runway. Laura was confident in her first pass, Sophie made sure that she was in the light, unlike Alisha who walked into the shadows. There were several more passes as the girls chaotically walked past. Sophie missed her earrings for one shot. The girls then had an unnecessary ninja shot. The girls had a dandelion scene and then their final pass. The girls were relieved for finishing.

The girls arrived at their final judging and along with Nigel Barker and Kelly Cutrone was Jay Manuel. Tyra listed the shopping list of prizes. Tyra started with the runway challenge. Laura was having fun, but Nigel thought she needed to hold back her personality. Tyra pointed out that she had a smirk for a few passes. Sophie had elegance and power. Tyra loved the body language.

Laura's commercial actually made sense putting in footage. She was natural not looking, but was nervous in her commercial. Laura explained the panic attack and how the shoot was actually a day afterwards. Nigel mentioned that models were expendable. Sophie's commercial wasn't bad but her natural shots lacked any power. For the print ad Laura had sass, but there were minor issues that Kelly didn't like. Sophie's eyes went through the camera and Kelly thought it was powerful.

The judges had a long time to analyze the girls. Kelly would cast Sophie in person, but Laura was better at the shoot. They realized that Sophie was better at the music video. Laura was daring for photos. Sophie started standing out during Canada. Kelly fought her hardest for Sophie while Jay seemed to support Laura. After their deliberation the winner of ANTM was Sophie. Tyra congratulated Laura and told her to keep zagging. Sophie was proud of her underdog win.



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