Beyonce: Inner beauty is what makes you beautiful

By Jillian Claybrook,

Beyonce Knowles – singer, dancer, actress, entrepreneur…makeup artist and hair stylist?

Singer Beyonce Knowles arriving at a fundraising event for President Obama on March 19 2012 in New York City Philip Vaughan or

Beyonce has always had a love of makeup and hair. She recently told People magazine that she could still remember playing with her mother’s makeup when she was a little girl.

“I was playing in my mother’s makeup,” she told the magazine. “I had blue eye shadow and red lips, and I put crazy blush on. I looked like a clown, but I thought I was so beautiful.”

While her makeup palette may have changed, she told People that she still likes to do her own makeup and often does for appearances. She does her own hair as well.

“I like to experiment [with my hair],” she said. “I love playing around with highlights or bleaching the tips. I can cut and style my own hair.”

She’s not kidding. She recently cut two inches off of her ends, People reports.

“I just parted it in the middle and chh-chh-chh,” she said.

This may sound surprising to some. After all, with celebrities frequently shelling out thousands of dollars for hair and makeup teams to get them ready for events, one would expect Beyonce - one of the most successful artists in the world - to do the same. For the megastar, it isn’t so out of the ordinary. She grew up spending time in her mother’s salon and by doing so she learned a lot about beauty.

However, she took the time to explain to the magazine that she doesn’t value external beauty as much as she does inner beauty. As a new mother, that concept is something that she hopes to instill in her daughter.

“My biggest thing is to teach [Blue] not to focus on the aesthetic,” she says. “It’s really about who you are, and the human being, that makes you beautiful.”

Knowles shouldn't have any trepidation about being a good role model for her four-month-old daughter, Blue Ivy. In fact, none other than First Lady Michelle Obama, recently praised the singer via Twitter for being just that.



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