Britney Spears, Selena Gomez songwriter Coco Morier releases own indie pop song 'Ambulance' (video)

By Lucas J Villa,
Morier is set to release an EP next month

Nicole Morier, songwriter to such pop starlets as Britney Spears and Selena Gomez, is stepping out on her own with the song, “Ambulance.” Under the moniker Coco Morier, her latest indie pop music project, she released a music video for the song on Nylon magazine's website last Wednesday.

The artistic video clip features Morier singing “Ambulance” in a wedding dress and veil as she follows a woman on a pill-induced trip. The woman has a late night snack attack, smokes a cigarette, mows the lawn, and partakes in other activities during her hallucinogenic state. The indie pop track was co-written by fellow under-the-radar acts Sky Ferreira and Miike Snow, music blog Muumuse reports.

Morier first made her debut in the music scene through “raucous electro-trash pop girl duo Electrocute,” her official website mentions. While in Electrocute, Morier also began writing songs for other artists. Morier has written tracks for “Ambulance” writer Ferreira, DJ Junkie XL, rising dance act Wynter Gordon, and other artists. Britney Spears is also another artist Morier has written for, contributing to Spears's last three albums with tracks that have gone on to become fan favorites like Femme Fatale's “How I Roll.” Selena Gomez managed to snag a Spears-Morier demo, “Whiplash,” that was mastered for release on her latest album, When the Sun Goes Down.

In April, Morier launched INGRID record label with Snow, Lykke Li, and other artists. “Ambulance,” previews her EP, Strangers May Kiss. The EP will be released through INGRID on June 19.

See the video for “Ambulance” here:



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