Cancer patients' 'Stronger' video a YouTube sensation (Video)

By Kevin Lewis,

A video featuring children who are battling cancer lip-synching to Kelly Clarkson’s song, “Stronger,” has become a major hit on YouTube.

Many of the kids in the video are hooked up to IVs or are confined to hospital beds. Hospital staff as well as family members also join the kids in the inspiring video.

According to The Associated Press, Clarkson responded with her own video, hailing the children’s rendition as "amazing.” She continued saying, “It made my day. I know it's making everybody else's day online. I just can't wait to meet you."

The video was made by 22-year-old leukemia patient Chris Rumble at Seattle’s Children’s Hospital. He wanted to share something with his old hockey friends from his hometown of Wenatchee, Washington. Rumble is currently receiving treatment, according to Time.

Dr. Douglas Hawkins said that children are excited by the popular reception of the video which has accrued over a million viewings since it was posted on May 6.

Hawkins also poignantly talked about how “when a child or young adult is treated for cancer, it puts their whole life on hold in a way that doesn't seem fair at all. It's a fight for their life. But there are all these other normal things they want to be doing too, or things they want to focus on other than the medicine or the illness or their time in the hospital."

Watch the children's video here:



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