Celebrities Celebrate Mother's Day

By Lindsay Barton,

Happy Mother’s Day! While you were out at brunch today celebrating mom and thanking her for all she does, celebrities also celebrated.

Melissa Gorga at the Bravo Media 2012 Upfront Presentation on April 4, 2012 in New York City ....

Jewel and Melissa Gorga wrote letters to their children on this special day. Us magazine had all the details.

“Kase, your dad and I want you to find a career you’re passionate about, like we are. Whether you choose music, or rodeo like your dad (I kind of hope it’s not bull-riding—so dangerous!), that passion is the sail that will carry you through any storm. With a strong sense of yourself, you’ll never feel lost. Let that be your compass.”

Jewel’s son Kase is 9 months old.

Melissa Gorga, of Real Housewives of New Jersey fame, wrote a note to her children as well.

“Antonia, even though your dad was joking when he said he’s putting bars on your windows, he's right: You have so much time to date! My advice is to watch how boys treat their mothers—that’s how they’ll treat you….”

“As for you boys, well, make sure you marry a good girl. Bring home someone like Mommy!”

Gorga’s daughter, Antonia, is 6 and sons Gino and Joey are 4 and 2.

Kris Jenner told HollywoodLife.com what she would like for Mother’s Day.

“First of all, I would like lots of diamonds,” she said. “I’m kidding.”

That’s not surprising, coming from one of the wealthiest mothers in California.

But Kris actually had a simpler request.

“Just being all together and chilling for the whole day and being able to spend some time with Mason.”



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