A day after filing dismissal, first masseur to sue John Travolta hires Gloria Allred

By Daniel S Levine,

Attorney Gloria Allred, who has a knack for popping up during nearly every controversial case, has now entered the John Travolta sexual misconduct case. Allred was hired by the first masseur who filed a lawsuit against Travolta on May 4. This is the same accuser who also filed to dismiss his case.

" I represent John Doe #1,” Allred said in a statement to RadarOnline, explaining that he can still continue the case, even after it was dismissed. “Mr. Doe's lawsuit was dismissed without prejudice which means that he is still legally entitled to file another lawsuit against John Travolta if he chooses,” she added.

Allred and John Doe No. 1 are still trying to figure out their next move. "We are in the process of conferring with him regarding the next steps, which he may wish to take. Our client and our firm has no further comment at this time,” Allred concluded.

John Doe No. 1 was originally represented in court by Okorie Okorocha, who is still representing the second masseur to file a sexual harassment lawsuit against Travolta. Okorocha and John Doe No. 1 went their separate ways after the masseur revealed that he got the date wrong. He initially claimed that Travolta harassed him on Jan. 16 in Los Angeles, but after photos surfaced proving that Travolta was in New York on that date, John Doe No. 1 admitted his mistake. Still, Okorocha withdrew himself from the case.

John Doe No. 1 filed paperwork to dismiss his lawsuit on Tuesday in Los Angeles and it is still unclear why.



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