Eugene Polley, inventor of the wireless TV remote, dies at age 96

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

On Sunday, the world lost one of the most intelligent men of all time: Eugene Polley, the inventor of the remote control.

CNN reports that Polley died of natural causes on Sunday at the age of 96. Polley’s invention single handedly expanded the entertainment experience by allowing all to remain seated while channel surfing.

Polley’s career took off officially in 1955 when he invented the “Flast-Matic” remote control , marking the invention of the very first wireless remote Market Watch reports.

He began working in 1933 with Zenith Radio Corporation, a subsidiary of LG Electronics. Within his lifetime, Polley received 18 patents, an Emmy Award from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and the Masaru Ibuka Consumer Electronics Award, among others

Many took to the Gizmodo Facebook page to remember the great inventor that was Mr. Polley, leaving both sincere and sarcastic memories including, “Eugene Polley has taken his place in history. Farewell,” to “Thanks for the belly Eugene. Just kidding. Great invention.”

David Lazarus, of the L.A. Times, perhaps put it best when he wrote, “Gush all you want about Facebook, Twitter and other recent tech innovations. I'd stack Polley and his TV remote against all of them....After all, which would you be more willing to give up -- Facebook or your remote? ...Thought so."



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