Jay-Z taking time away from the studio to 'enjoy this time' with Blue Ivy

By April Chieffo,

Jay-Z says he’s stepping away from the studio for a while to have more time with his daughter Blue Ivy, who was born in January.

The rapper was inspired by the birth of his daughter to write the song “Glory,” and He describes being a father as “amazing ,” "fantastic,” and “surreal,” but he admits that although fatherhood has brought on new feelings, he’s not motivated, so much, to write new songs, but instead he’s more motivated to be a good dad.

"I thought I would be really motivated with all the things happening and all the change, with a child in my life now, to get back in the studio," he said. "But I find that I'm really just motivated to just be with her.”

"I want to enjoy this time for what it is,” he said. “I'm sure that bug to get back in the studio will come back at some point."

He says when he does get back in the studio, his music will be full of emotion, and will be similar to “Glory” and past songs he has written about his mother.

“My music has always been filled with those sort of emotions,” he said.

Jay-Z won’t be taking a complete musical hiatus, though. He just announced he will be headlining a two-day music festival in Philadelphia over Labor Day weekend.

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