Kathie Lee Gifford asks Martin Short about his wife, not knowing she has passed

By Robert Kirchgassner,

Kathie Lee Gifford made a faux pas while interviewing Martin Short on the Today show Wednesday.

Gifford asked the comedian about his marriage to his wife, Nancy.

"You and Nancy have got one of the greatest marriages in show business. How many years now for you guys?" Gifford said.

Apparently, she did not realize that Nancy had died from cancer in Aug. 2010.

"We ... ah ... married 36 years,” Short replied, attempting to gloss over the slip-up.

However, Gifford pressed on by asking if they were still in love.

"Kathy Lee Gifford just had an #epicfail (sic)," a fan of the show later tweeted.

After the interview, Short informed Gifford of her error, which prompted her to apologize on air.

"I feel so badly," she said. "So, my apologies to him and his family for not, um, realizing that."

According to Short’s spokesperson, this is not the first time an interviewer has made such an error while interviewing a star.

While interviewing actor Stanley Tucci on The View in 2009, Elizabeth Hasselbeck asked if his wife had seen his then-recent film, The Lovely Bones (2009), not realizing she had passed on earlier that year.

Hasselbeck later apologized to Tucci, both personally and on Twitter.



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