Kim Kardashian's Indian food comment offends fans

By Meghan Giannotta,

During any episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians at least one of the Kardashian sisters seems to say something outrageous. However, on Sunday night’s episode, Kim made a comment regarding Indian food that upset viewers.

During the episode, Kim and Kendall expressed their opinions on Indian food, calling it disgusting. After the episode, offended fans took to Twitter to express their opinions on Kim’s poor taste.

According to Us Weekly, users called the sisters rude for their comment and one user was glad Kim doesn’t like Indian food because it means she “won’t ever visit India and that in itself is a blessing.”

After viewing the backlash on Twitter, Kim posted to her personal blog page to clear the air regarding her comment.

“In NO way was this intended as an insult to the Indian people or their culture,” Kim wrote on her blog. “This is just my personal taste. There are a lot of foods I don’t like… My comment wasn’t intended to offend anybody. We all have our own opinions and tastes and I was simply expressing mine.”

Kim explained that she in no way meant to offend people of Indian heritage, as her comment ended up doing.



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