Lesbian couple caught staging hate crime

By Kevin Lewis,

A Lesbian couple in Colorado was arrested after police found that they had falsely reported being victims of a hate crime.

Aimee Whitchurch and Christel Conklin called the police to report that the words “Kill the Gay” had been written with red spray paint on their garage door. The following day, the couple claimed to have found a noose hanging on their front door handle.

The women believed that their neighbors and homeowner association were behind the threats. The couple reportedly received complaints from both parties for not picking up after their dog, according to ABC News Blog.

After analyzing witness statements and working in tandem with the FBI, the Douglas County Sheriff's Office later determined that Whitchurch and Conklin had staged the incidences.

Whitchurch is facing charges of forgery while both women are charged with false reporting and criminal mischief. According to The Blaze, the women intend to fight the charges. “This is a fight I’m right on…I have every right to live where I want to live,” cried Whitchurch.



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