'Melissa and Joey' Recap: Summer Premiere

By Danielle Costa,
'Melissa and Joey' is back with a two episode special premiere for the summer!

Melissa and Joey had its summer premiere last night with a one hour, two episode special. When we last left Melissa and Joey, played by Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence, respectively, Joe was about to move out on his own and leave his job as a nanny in Mel's home. Luckily, they all realized they couldn't live apart.

The first episode, titled "I Can Manage," starts off in their home that is being completely renovated. The kitchen is in the living room and nothing is where it should be in the house. Joe and Ryder are sharing a room, and Mel and Lennox are sharing one as well. Mel is late for a meeting with reporters to discuss new bike lanes in her city, so she is rushing and getting dressed downstairs amongst tarps and construction materials. Joe isn't happy about the mess and argues with Mel about the "inconvenience" it is causing. Mel's rebuttal is that she is finally getting her dream home.

The construction team needs Mel to stay home so she can manage the project, but she needs to get to work. Joe convinces her to let him run the project. She doesn't want to do it, but she knows she has to get to the reporters before they leave.

When Mel gets home from work, she is elated and calls herself, "the city council goddess." Meanwhile at home, Joe has been running the project. Lennox and Ryder get home from school. Lennox is excited about the play she wrote that will be cast the next day at school. Ryder makes fun of his aunt and Joe for not reading the play and offers to make them a summary so they can better fake liking the play in front of Lennox.

Finally, Mel realizes that the construction workers are still around and Joe tells her they are not allowed to leave until it is dark, as to make up time they have lost on the renovation. Joe got business cards made up to signify his "job" as project manager for their home's construction. Mel makes fun of him, of course, and saunters up to her bathroom to enjoy a bath with no water, due to their construction.

As Mel is at work at city hall, Leo, the head of construction, wants Joe and Mel to pay more for the job. Joe doesn't want to pay a penny more. They both call Mel to deal with the issue, until Joe grabs the phone from Leo and tells Mel it is all handled. Joe threatens to find another person to do the renovation, and Leo takes him up on his threat and quits the job, ripping up Joe's cards in the process. Joe laughs him off and admits he has a whole box left of his business cards ready to go.

When Mel gets home, all drama ensues. Lennox wants to vent to Mel about what has happened to her play; the principal censored the entire play and refused to let the play be performed. When Mel asks why, it is revealed that she never read the play, which is inappropriate for school. She hears tools being used and assumes the men are hard at work, until she sees that it is just Joe working. They start talking and she learns that Joe and Leo got into a fight and Leo left the project. Mel and Joe start arguing, but Joe tries to comfort her and tell her that Leo will come back to the house. Joe put wood stain upstairs that doesn't dry for 72 hours, which they find out when Lennox and Ryder go upstairs and inform them that the floors are sticky. This piece of information alarms Mel and the family can now not go upstairs for the rest of the week.

They are all sleeping downstairs, Ryder with Joe and Lennox with Mel. When Ryder gets up to go to the bathroom, Mel comes back from her trip to the bathroom. She accidently goes into the bed with Joe and snuggles up to him. They freak out as soon as they realize it and everyone wakes up. Mel and Joe start arguing about the home construction. Mel wants Leo back, but Joe refuses to apologize because he thinks they will lose their advantage if they do that. He tells them they all have a common enemy and they all stare angrily at him. He tells them the enemy is Leo, not him.

They have Leo come back to the house to fix their issues. Lennox comes out of the bathroom dressed crazy and tells her aunt that she will be the lead in the play, starring as her mean principal. Mel is confused as the play was banned. Lennox says she will perform the play across the street on public property to make a statement. Meanwhile, Leo still hasn't shown up.

Mel brings Leo banana bread and a check to make him come back to the job. Leo wants to work alone, but Mel tells Leo that Joe is not leaving the home. She tells him to agree to what Joe says, but secretly call Mel to discuss what will really happen.

When Mel gets home, Lennox is upset because her principal loved her play after seeing it. She only wanted to make a statement and make her principal mad, but instead her principal was proud. Leo is back and working with Joe and the crew on the house. Joe is convinced his negotiation skills were the reason for Leo's return and he has no idea Mel had anything to do with it. Mel doesn't want to hear him talk, and tells him that Leo is only back for extra money. Joe tells Mel he paid $500 to Leo and then Mel tells Joe she also paid extra for him to return. Joe then tells Mel he ordered a special griddle for pancakes and she tells him she appreciates that he did it. Joe then tells her that he appreciates her as well. They agree that they have mutual appreciation. They feel uncomfortable and Joe leaves to get some air while Mel shakes it off.

In the second episode, called "If You Can Stand the Heat," Melissa and Joe get into a fight, as usual. Mel gets home and asks Joe what is wrong because he "911"-ed her. She says that it is only for emergencies, and he tells her that the new cabinets are there. She gets excited and wants to see them right away. When they get inside, Joe gives her the number of an ex-boyfriend of hers who he ran into at the drugstore. He asked if Mel was single and Joe said yes and took her number.

When Mel finally sees the new cabinets, she is not happy with the results. They tell her the cabinets are exactly what she chose, and she doesn't believe if and gets very upset. Joe tells her they will find new ones but they have to stay on track with the kitchen renovations. He wants to be back in his basement room with everything back in order.

Lennox is feeling better after sleeping on the floor because she used Mel's "back massager." Ryder, however, says he hasn't slept in a while because Joe does 500 pushups every morning at 5 a.m. Lennox has a meeting with a spirit committee at school and has to get to school early. She doesn't want to get involved, but Mel tries to convince her to give it a try.

Joe interrupts to introduce the cabinet specialist, Jules, to Mel so she can get the cabinets she wants. She is reluctant to move forward with a new cabinet, but he assures her they will take it slow. Mel explains what she wants for the new cabinets. Jules tells her to explain how she wants the cabinets to make her feel. Joe, overhearing this conversation, makes fun of the exchange. Jules and Mel continue to discuss the "feelings" of the cabinets. When Mel gets home, Jules is still around and shows her his sketches of her new cabinets. Jules then shows Mel his plans for an office above her garage. Joe interrupts and pushes them to stay focused on the kitchen. Mel tells Jules to build her dream office for her. Joe accuses Mel of liking Jules and being stupid with him. Mel then goes back and accuses Joe of being threatened by Jules.

Lennox is at the spirit meeting at her school where the group is trying to get the school's spirit up. Lennox gives an idea to the group to allow students to voice their own opinions. No one seems to really care about her idea, so she leaves early. Meanwhile at home, Jules shows Mel her new cabinet fronts and she loves them. She stays with Jules for lunch and they have a makeshift picnic on the floor. Joe walks in on them eating together. When Jules leaves to take a call, Mel and Joe have as few words, They start to argue about Jules and the project. Jules leaves to take care of an emergency at another client's house and Joe accuses him of playing her. Joe then asks Mel if she is falling for him and she says no, but tells Joe that him being so involved in her life is unhealthy. They agree that their relationship is toxic. She tells him to leave and move into the room above the garage.

Lennox wants to quit her group and Mel tries to convince her not to leave. When Joe comes into the room, he asks Mel if she needs any help making her lunch, but learns she is making lunch for both her and Jules. He starts to get involved, but they both stop talking in fear of their "toxic relationship" starting up again. Meanwhile, Aiden from Lennox's spirit group shows up at her doorstep asking her to stay in the group so they can change things at the school. She listens to him over Mel and leaves with Aiden to go to the school.

Mel brings Jules lunch while he is stuck at another client's house. She walks in and finds out that Jules is doing the same thing to the other client that he is to her; he is playing both of them to get more work. Mel comes home and runs into Joe and he asks how her lunch went. She starts to tell him how it went and then stops so they can keep up their newfound "healthy distance relationship." She yells him it will be weird with him in the garage and not within "shouting distance," but as he leaves she yells for him and he comes running. When he is up in his room, he opens the window and finds Mel's room right across the way and her standing there in just a towel.

The episode ends with Aiden coming back and asking Lennox out on a date. Next week, insanity will ensue when Mel and Joe freak out over Lennox's new boyfriend.



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