Mila Kunis saves man suffering from seizure at her LA home

By Daniel S Levine,

Hollywood is putting together its own real-life Avengers. First, Ryan Gosling stops fights and saves a woman from getting hit by a car in New York. Then, Patrick Dempsey saves a teenager from a car crash. The latest act of heroism came from Mila Kunis, who reportedly saved a man’s life over the weekend.

Mila Kunis at Cinemacon. (Las Vegas, Nevada)

The 50-year-old man, who works at the Friends With Benefits star’s Los Angeles home, was suffering from a violent seizure on Saturday, when Kunis came in to help, sources told TMZ. The man was on the floor, coughing up blood, choking, vomiting and had bitten through his tongue. Kunis rushed to help the man and had a friend call 911.

The New York Post reports that, at that point, Kunis turned the man’s head to prevent him from choking. Thankfully, another person was there to put a wallet in his mouth to stop him from swallowing his tongue. However, it should be noted that this is not recommended. The first thing WebMD suggests not to do when someone is having a seizure is putting something in someone's mouth.

Law enforcement sources told TMZ that paramedics rushed him to the hospital and Kunis offered to go with him, but they believed it was unnecessary.

News of Kunis’ heroics come just days after it was reported that her alleged stalker was arrested outside her Beverly Hills gym. The man had violated a court order to stay away from Kunis for three years when he got too close to her as she left the gym. The stalker, identified as Stuart Dunn, was arrested and is currently in a mental institution.

In addition to Kunis, Dempsey and Gosling, The Sun is also reporting that Oscar-winner Dustin Hoffman is being credited with saving the life of a jogger in London.



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