Nick Stahl enters rehab, wife says it is time to ‘focus back on healing’

By Daniel S Levine,

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines actor Nick Stahl had been reported missing by his wife, Rose, last week. She had claimed that she hadn’t seen him since May 9. It turns out that the 32-year-old actor went to rehab to get treatment and sent emails to friends telling them what his plans were.

Rose first told People magazine on Friday that Stahl had reached out to friends to tell them that he was going to rehab. "I'm relieved,” she said. She later added, “But I'm also skeptical that he's really in rehab.” Rose said that he sent an “unemotional and unapologetic e-mail" to friends Friday night, saying that he was going to be in rehab for the next 30 days. She said that she didn’t receive the email herself.

E! News reports that Rose sent a lengthy tweet on Sunday, confirming that he did enter rehab. “It's all good. In the sense the search is over. There is safety & even some comfort now. I left a couple statements because I know my twitter has few followers and feel its the right thing to let people that have worried and speculated and even set out on foot in search know that it's ok now,” she wrote.

“There are questions and details that I didn't ask and don't need to know. I dont have details. Once the missing persons report was released it was overwhelming to have such private information out there. And it wasn't mostly my private information. I spoke to media at times on behalf of my husband. Mostly when I was at a loss or even panicking. Or feeling defensive. Not a always a great recipe. Today is a new day. I'm more than relieved. Healing! Love for all. I am in recovery. But in no way do I or even should I represent recovery. I'm far to fallible. But again, I do hope that there is a silver lining to this event and I have been truly inspired to keep on keepin on. I have no more comments,” the message reads.

Rose, who has a young daughter with Stahl, told TMZ that she plans on meeting Stahl as often as possible and is not considering divorce.

"Now that he is safe, it's time to focus back on healing," she told People on Monday. "I gotta lotta hope...'How dark it is before the dawn.' I've chanted that a lot in my head. I find comfort in it.”

She added that she never intended for her missing persons report to go public, but “it would be lovely if this publicity helped even one other family find recovery.”



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