Okorie Okorocha accuses Gloria Allred of stealing John Doe clients in John Travolta lawsuit, Allred denied allegations

By Daniel S Levine,

Okorie Okorocha, the lawyer who was initially representing both John Does that filed sexual battery lawsuits against actor John Travolta, is now accusing Gloria Allred of stealing his clients. Allred has emphatically denied these allegations, saying that the clients, like all of her clients, came to her.

On Thursday, it was reported that John Doe No. 2, the masseur who claims that Travolta harassed him at an Atlanta resort, had decided to suddenly drop his case. Just hours later, CNN reported that he fired Okorocha and hired Gloria Allred, just like John Doe No. 1.

Okorocha claimed that he withdrew from John Doe No. 1’s case because of “personality conflicts.” John Doe No. 1’s case was hampered when it was discovered that Travolta was in New York when the alleged incident took place in Los Angeles on Jan. 16. John Doe No. 1 now claims that the incident took place on Jan. 15, Okorocha told CNN.

Okorocha also told CNN that Allred stole his clients. In an interview posted on TMZ, Okorocha says that Allred was soliciting his clients before they eventually hired her.

Allred has issued a statement claiming that these allegations are completely false and that they approached her first. "Mr. Okorocha's representations are false, outrageous and defamatory,” the statement reads. "Both clients first called me and asked me to represent them. I have been practicing law for the past 37 years and I have not and do not solicit clients."

In the statement, she also demands that Okorocha withdraw his comments. “I demand an immediate retraction by Mr. Okorocha of his false statements. I value my reputation and will defend it vigorously both publicly and in court."

While Okorocha did make the claim, he still believes that the John Does were victims and actually complimented Allred. “I know that the case is gonna go away quietly because Miss Allred has successfully made cases go away quietly...I'm confident [both accusers] will get justice, it'll just be an under the table payment,” he said, according to TMZ.

As for Travolta, his lawyer, Marty Singer, has maintained that all allegations against the Pulp Fiction actor are “absurd and ridiculous.”



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