Reports: Real reasons for Paramount’s delay of ‘G.I. Joe: Retaliation’ revealed

By Daniel S Levine,

The real reasons why Paramount Pictures decided to push back G. I. Joe retaliation has been revealed and it actually has to do a lot with star Channing Tatum.

Last week, Paramount announced that it was delaying the G.I. Joe sequel to add 3D. The film had been scheduled to come out in just five weeks from now, but was pushed back to add the new element to guarantee bigger success abroad. The move came as a major surprise to Hollywood, not only because it was supposed to be released so soon, but also because of the massive promotional campaign Paramount already started. This included running a pricey ad during the Super Bowl.

On Wednesday, Deadline reported that Paramount’s official reasons for pushing the film to March 29, 2013 were just a cover up.

The first reason is that test screenings received poor reception, which may have been caused by the second real reason for the delay: Tatum.

Sources for Deadline say that the studio executives completely misjudged just how much of a star Tatum has become since the releases of The Vow and 21 Jump Street. Tatum’s character was set to die very early on and Paramount had cut scenes between him and Dwayne Johnson, which the test audiences actually liked. Now, the studio is going to work on the $125 million film again to do reshoots.

Sources for The Hollywood Reporter also suggested that Paramount studio chair Brad Grey and vice chair Rob Moore saw the current Hollywood landscape and decided to take the loss on the promotional campaign. They simply didn’t see how the film could be a hit against The Amazing Spider-Man. They also saw Battleship, another Hasbro property, sink for Universal, Disney’s John Carter flop and Dark Shadows disappoint for Warner Bros.

Paramount is already looking at a bleak 2012, already dealing with disappointing numbers from A Thousand Words and The Dictator. Its only summer releases will by the Katy Perry film and Madagascar 3. Brad Pitt’s World War Z was supposed to come out in December, but that got bumped to next year, too.

Still, the studio does have the Mission: Impossible and Star Trek franchises to look to and it will at least get 8 percent of The Avengers’ total gross because of the deal it agreed to when Disney bought Marvel.



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