Robert Pattinson admits that he was fooled by rumor he was cast in ‘Hunger Games’ sequel

By Daniel S Levine,

Last week, there was a rumor that Twilight star Robert Pattinson was about to join the cast of another teen film franchise, The Hunger Games. The rumors even fooled the actor himself who said that he had to make a call to his agent to double check that he wasn’t.

Pattinson told USA Today on Saturday that that he had to call his agent from the Cannes Film Festival to make sure he wasn’t going to be in Catching Fire, the second film in the Hunger Games series.

“I woke up this morning and saw all these things about me being cast in The Hunger Games,” he told the paper in an interview. “I was kind of curious for a second. So I called my agent.”

His agent told him that it simply wasn’t true. “[My agent] was like no one's going to offer you that part...I was like, thanks for the reassurance,” Pattinson said with a laugh.

The rumors started last week when TotalFilm reported that Lionsgate was looking at the Cosmopolis star to play Finnick Odair. To add a bit of legitimacy to the report, TotalFilm noted that, since Francis Lawrence, who directed Pattinson in Water for Elephants, is now directing Catching Fire, Pattinson would be more interested in accepting the part.

Pattinson had been in Cannes to attend the premiere of David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis, which will not be in U.S. theaters until August, notes E! News.

Pattinson also told USA Today about what it was like preparing for the screening. "David tells me the night before, 'I'm fully expecting some boos,' I was literally like, 'Why are you telling me this?' I literally didn't watch one second of the movie, I was waiting for people to walk out. I was expecting a fight," he said.

After the film finished, he was finally able to relax, though. "It took a full three hours of continued panic...Full adrenaline. It was just too weird,” he said, describing the after-party.



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