Stray dog travels with bikers 1,100 miles across China

By Kevin Lewis,

A group of cyclists traveling across China was accompanied by a stray dog who stayed with the bikers throughout the 1,100 mile long journey.

The small white pup joined a team of cyclists during the early stages of a trek from Sichuan province to Tibet, according to ABC. The bond between the cyclists and the dog was sparked when one of the bikers fed the pooch some food. Sensing that there must be more where that came from, the dog joined the bikers on their excursion.

Nicknamed “Xiaosa,” meaning Little Sa, the dog soon gained a national following when one of the bikers started a blog about her journey. By the end of the race, Xiaosa had 40,000 followers.

Traveling at a pace of 30 to 40 miles a day, the bikers and their furry companion traveled for nearly 25 days and ascended 12 mountains in the process. Xiaosa stayed with the group even on the most treacherous parts. "Many people stopped cycling in some sections, then took the bus, but the dog made it,” said one of the cyclists. Some of the mountains the dog climbed reached 14,000 feet, according to The Telegraph. She also reportedly defended herself against attacks from other dogs, despite being on the smaller size.

After her long odyssey, Xiaosa will be adopted by one of the bikers and has been declared in fine shape by a veterinarian.



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