Top 10 Gotye "Somebody I Used to Know" Covers

By Dominick Miserandino,
As if you needed to hear "Somebody I Used to Know" even more...

Everybody seems to be talking about the Gotye song, "Somebody That I Used To Know," but what you might not realize is that the video has inspired literally dozens upon dozens upon dozens of covers. We can create a sign in Times Square that updates the number of covers of this song every minute.

There seems to be a new cover version of this song created daily. It sort of reproduces like a heartbreaking virus... in fact, by the time I've finished writing this list a few more were just created. A few more people publicly expressed how sad they feel over love.

I've spent countless hours thinking about all the times I’ve been screwed over by YouTube and compiled a list of the "best" Gotye covers. Of course the criteria I've used is rather objective in terms of what made me smile. Also, please keep in mind this list is in no means authoritative. I love the song but do feel we might be reaching the maximum number of covers that our society can truly sustain.

Walk off The Earth has a cover that I would say is almost more creative than the original. Five people hovered around a guitar, all playing it at once. That's it, but it's just awesome to think how they came up with it? “Hey guys, we could borrow a guitar... OR all use the same one...”

A cappella is awesome. Of course the crew from Glee is going to probably copy this version and go off and ruin it all for us. The bastards. Darn it. They did it already? Jeez, can they just wait five minutes before covering something? Glee is like the ambulance chasing lawyers of the music industry.

Percussion on 7-Up bottles just makes this even more awesome. I can just listen to the first few seconds of that jug-band, 7-Up bottle going crazy. Okay, the vocals don't interest me enough as the guy beating his tablewear for percussion.

Soulful. I mean when you're expressing pain and suffering, you need a good soulful voice. Rita accomplishes that. I love it.

Who doesn't love a multi-talented musician who looks great in horn-rimmed glasses. Of course after watching this I did wonder how much time did people have to make so many covers. I meant his one took a bit of work.

A little bit of a solo anguish girl version. She sounds a bit like Sinead O'Connor in a way to me. The video is kind of cute with its slight stop motion effect. Of course I do envision her ripping up a picture of the Pope.

Man, this guy made a soundtrack and the movie itself. And he really sounds like he's suffering. The orchestral work makes me think it's really made for a movie. His vocals do bring it to another level of psychological pain

The violins in this version make it a bit more unique. The vocals are a bit more haunting than I'd like but after a while can you truly get more haunting?

Are you feeling a certain kind of sadness after watching these? This is the one to watch just to feel a bit more chipper with the jazz guitar. If you had to redo Saturday Night Fever and express Tony Manero's efforts with a cool jazzy guitar, this would be a contender. Then again if you had to do that, there are certainly bigger problems in your life than just finding the best song for the soundtrack.

Finally to end up with something that is a bit inspiring is a great class project. There's nothing satirical that I can say on this one.

Honorable Mentions

Yes, we have a bonus one here, but how could I not include the lesbian version? I mean... honestly, how could we have done dozens of versions and not thought to ourselves that we needed to express this pain and suffering for the lesbian community. I love the lesbian community and find myself a big supporter but don't know if they really needed their own version.

I'm not sure I would encourage my child to do this. Also not sure if I'd actually get around to painting my child. Lastly we do have a child singing about being screwed over in love. Where do we take it next for her? I'm also left wondering did the parent force the song on the child? Or worse, what anguish is the child going through that could actually cause this child to feel so sad?

Harp and percussion? Who needs stinking vocals when we can express this sorrow via a harp baby? A harp can rock.

I'm only putting this one in to show how insane the world has come when covers now get covers. It's like looking at the picture with a picture inside of the picture. This is a cover video of the original song, and the people acting in it are covering the Blue Man group. My head hurts. I'll need to take a double-dosage of the baby aspirin tonight.

If you've actually reached this point in the list, keep in mind you've now listened to the song 15 times. You clearly have gotten out any deep rooted feelings of heartbreak and lost love and can move on. Please do so. You really don't need to hear all 15 versions. Then again if you do feel so sad that you need to hear all 15 versions, it might be a good thing that they're creating more as you speak.

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