Viacom and Time Warner Cable settle iPad app dispute, allowing content from MTV, Comedy Central and others

By Daniel S Levine,

Viacom and Time Warner Cable have finally settled a dispute over the iPad app that is available for TWC subscribers. Viacom initially did not want to provide content from MTV, Comedy Central and its other networks to stream on the app, but following Wednesday’s agreement, that content will now be available.

Viacom had initially filed the suit when TWC launched the app, which is also available for other devices, last year, notes Bloomberg. The company claimed that, by making its content available, TWC was violating the contract that outlined how TWC could distribute its shows. Then, TWC filed a countersuit, seeking a court order that said that it could distribute Viacom content on the app.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Viacom was the last hold-out to join TWC’s app. When it launched early last year, Fox, Discovery and others also objected, but they eventually joined. THR notes that the two sides were close to an agreement this summer, but when Viacom suddenly agreed to have its content on a similar Cablevision app, TWC complained and withdrew from talks.

For the past few months, the animosity between TWC and Viacom had died down, but negotiations restarted and the two sides finally reached an agreement.

They issued a joint statement, which was posted on Viacom’s blog. The full statement reads:

"Viacom and Time Warner Cable have agreed to resolve their pending litigations. All of Viacom’s programming will now be available to Time Warner Cable subscribers for in-home viewing via internet protocol-enabled devices such as iPads and Time Warner Cable will continue to carry Viacom’s Country Music Television (CMT) programming. In reaching the settlement agreement, Time Warner Cable and Viacom were also able to resolve other unrelated business matters to their mutual satisfaction. Neither side is conceding its original legal position or will have further comment.



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