Why Michael Fassbender is Christian Grey

By Jackie Morrison,
Ain't No Other Man for the role

He is exquisitely handsome, intelligent, charming, rich, and an erotic mastermind. His name is Christian Grey and Fifty Shades of Grey introduced readers to a tale of a tormented multimillionaire and the young college student he seeks to possess.

Michael Fassbender's work as Azazel in the British TV series Hex and his turn as Brandon in Shame have prompted his fans to create YouTube videos urging him to be cast as the enigmatic Christian.

The role itself is generating buzz across many fandoms with actors who could bring the character to life. Some argue that Fassbender, at 35, is too old for the role and that it should go to the likes of Robert Pattinson.

In the book Christian is a man in his late 20s, but with the worldliness and inner torment of a man much older which makes Fassbender a contender. Like many chameleons, Fassbender can change his look easily and in casual pictures snapped by the press he still has the boyish charm evident way back in 2001’s Band of Brothers.

Christian Grey is not the typical man in his late 20s and Fassbender is not a typical actor. This could be a perfect fit.

Other aspects of Christian Grey are his dark secrets that tantalize and seduce the young Anastasia Steele, who at 21 is the polar opposite of the nymphomaniac she later becomes under Christian’s spell. It’s an interplay of worldly and cosmopolitan versus curious innocence. One wonders whether a woman who is equal to Christian in spirit could be such a toxic elixir to him in the manner that Anastasia is. Their relationship is part erotic thriller which on screen could translate into another Shame or Last Tango in Paris filled with sexual gymnastics and an almost addictive relationship. The dominant themes of BDSM makes this book an examination into just how much our childhood terrors affect our sexual practices.

Shockingly, the symbiotic dynamic between Christian and Anastasia begins when the later, a 21-year-old virgin without any previous romantic relationship, signs over her body and soul to the man who has captivated her. In his infamous “Red Room of Pain” where the duo explore the underside of sex and intimacy while Christian brings out his young lover’s sinister desires. Before long it is hard to tell who is master and who is servant, but Christian is a complex role to say the least.

Fassbender’s Brandon was a similar type of character who was haunted by a past that hinted of abuse. Brandon had a fragile side compared to the more controlled and tyrannical Christian.

Bottom line: Christian Grey is a man filled with demons from a dark past. He is best left to the one man who could play him without resorting to cliché or textbook acting techniques. Fans want a Christian who is bold, damaged, and believable. It’s a task for Michael Fassbender. No pretty boy will do.



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