Wiz Kalifa arrested again for marijuana

By Robert Kirchgassner ,

Rapper Wiz Khalifa has been arrested for the second time in two weeks for marijuana possession.

Born Cameron Jibril Tomaz, Khalifa was ticketed following his Tuesday night concert in Winston-Salem, NC. He was later released.

Officers searched his tour bus before he went onstage at Joel Coliseum Annex.

"These charges stemmed from marijuana use occuring on the tour buses prior to the concert," read a statement from the Winston-Salem Police Department.

Khalifa, 24, now has a court date set for July 27.

His previous arrest on the same charge was Thursday at a hotel in Nashville. Residents complained of a smell going through the hallways. Police were called and subsequently found marijuana in his room.

The police reported seeing Khalifa throw a marijuana butt out the window as they entered his room. Both Khalifa and another man in that room, one Lonnie Howard, denied they had any more marijuana, even though more was later found on Howard.

The court date for that incident is May 14.

Khalifa previously commented on how his fiancée, model Amber Rose, deals with his marijuana habit.

"[Weed smoking?] She's like, 'Get it away.' She doesn't hate it, but she will not do it. She'll roll it, she loves how it smells... She just doesn't want to get high 'cause she don't want to feel that,” he said.

Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose at the 28th Annual MTV Video Music Awards. (Los Angeles, CA)


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