YouTube to get ad money from TV?

By Robert Kirchgassner ,

YouTube may soon be profiting from advertisers who originally had their sites on TV.

The online site, which is owned by Google, may see its advertising revenue increase by at least 40 percent since last year. It has recently attempted to persuade advertisers to move to its site, away from TV and other websites.

At the same time, YouTube has been offering original programming. However, that programming is still relatively crude compared to what TV networks are offering.

“That’s still a win for Google, but it’s not the win it really wants,” columnist Peter Kafka said. “But if that doesn’t bother the people who watch it, then it shouldn’t be a problem for the ad guys, either.”

One source of potential increased revenue for YouTube is courtesy of Tribeca Enterprises, which runs the Tribeca Film Festival. On May 2 in New York, Tribeca announced its plans to create a channel on YouTube called the Picture Show, which is set to debut later this year. Unlike Tribeca’s festival, however, the channel will broadcast online series and short films.

“We believe bringing content to audiences across multiple platforms is the right strategy,” said Jon Patricof, president and chief operating officer at Tribeca Enterprises. “digital platforms like YouTube are highly important.”

With sponsors such as AT&T and Toyota, YouTube is in the planning stages of having over 100 online channels with original programming.



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