Britney Spears releases unusual 'Oops! I Did It Again: The Best Of' greatest hits compilation with few singles and many random album tracks (Audio)

By Lucas J Villa,
Album's tracklist features one of Spears' earliest recordings available

A Britney Spears compilation album, distributed through Camden International and Sony Music, has already touched down in record stores overseas, entitled Oops! I Did It Again: The Best Of. This latest greatest hits album is a peculiar release for Spears since her record label has already issued Greatest Hits: My Prerogative in 2004 and, more recently, The Singles Collection in 2009. Even stranger is that The Best of Britney Spears' 16-track compilation features only a handful of singles among many random album tracks from her earlier studio sets.

@BritneySpears' official cover art for 'Oops! I Did... on Twitpic

Idolator reports that Spears' Best Of might see a U.S. release this Tuesday, according to the album's Amazon.com listing. While the compilation might seem like a fake bootleg, Breatheheavy.com posted legitimate photos of the unusual album's physical existence.

MuuMuse's Bradley Stern perfectly sums up the weirdness of the album on his website : “The official tracklisting looks like someone over at Sony HQ put every Britney song ever on a dart board, blindfolded an intern, spun them around 17 times, and then chose whatever songs the darts landed on.”

The hits on Oops! I Did It Again: The Best of Britney Spears include Spears' 1998 breakthrough single, “...Baby One More Time,” along with 2000's “Oops!... I Did It Again” and 2001's “I'm A Slave 4 U,” and that's pretty much it as far as U.S. releases go. Die hard Spears fans can further speculate that some other tracks were included because of their international single status. European hit single “Born to Make You Happy” made the cut along with “Anticipating,” which was released as a single exclusively in France, and “That's Where You Take Me,” a song released as a promotion in the Philippines.

The rest of Best Of's tracklist features random songs taken from Spears' first four studio albums with a two songs from 2008's Circus and none from Blackout or last year's Femme Fatale. Awkwardly, the Justin Timberlake-penned “What It's Like To Be Me” is featured along with Spears' self-penned ode to her two sons, “My Baby.” The Madonna pop-esque “Brave New Girl” and one of TheCelebrityCafe.com's should-have-been-a-single choices, “Cinderella,” are also included on the compilation.

Different from Spears' first two greatest hits albums, Best Of offers no new material from Spears, whereas “My Prerogative” and “3” were exclusive to their respective compilation sets. The electronic “Don't Hang Up” can be seen as an exclusive to the album since it was only offered as a bonus track on international editions of In the Zone and its U.S. DVD. Spears' cover of The Jets' “You Got It All” is a pseudo-exclusive as well since it was only available on overseas editions of Oops!... I Did It Again. A fun fact about the song cover is that it is actually one of Spears' earliest recordings officially released. Spears recorded the song in August 1997 when she was 15-years-old for inclusion on the 1999's ...Baby One More Time album, but it ended up as a bonus track on 2000's Oops!... I Did It Again

Oops! I Did It Again: The Best of Britney Spears compilation's full tracklisting:
1.“Oops!… I Did It Again”
2. “…Baby One More Time”
3. “I’m a Slave 4 U”
4. “Born to Make You Happy”
5. “Cinderella”
6. “Brave New Girl”
7. “The Hook Up”
8. “Don’t Hang Up”
9. “One Kiss from You”
10. “Anticipating”
11. “What It’s Like to Be Me”
12. “My Baby”
13. “Out from Under”
14. “You Got It All”
15. “Showdown”
16. “That’s Where You Take Me”

Listen to Spears' “Don't Hang Up”

Listen to Spears' cover of “You Got It All”



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