Cee-Lo Green causes controversy with pet cockatoo

By Lydia Underwood,

Cee-Lo Green is known for his quirky tastes, but he’s causing a controversy with his latest interest. Cee-Lo plans to bring his Moluccan cockatoo, named Purrfect for Lady, on the show The Voice in its upcoming season. This has caused animal rights groups to speak up. Animal rights groups are worried the cockatoo will begin to self mutilate.

Cee-Lo says about his cockatoo, "Lady's name says it all. She's my little lady with a big opinion. Sometimes whispers inappropriateness in my ear, but always ladylike."

Monica Engrebretson is a rep for the animal rights organization Born Free. In an interview with TMZ, she said, "Moluccan cockatoos are beautiful, intelligent animals but they are very challenging to care for especially in the long term, and are prone to considerable welfare problems. Many Moluccan cockatoos develop self-destructive behavior including feather plucking and self mutilation not known to occur in the wild."

She went on to add, "Many parrot rescues are already filled to capacity with moluccans and other large parrots. I encourage 'The Voice' to reconsider featuring a moluccan cockatoo or any bird as a 'pet' on the show and instead promote a more appropriate companion animal such as a dog. Even better, they could feature a rescue dog or a dog in need of a home."

Cee-Lo Green is known for making up half of the group Gnarls Barkley, as well as for his latest solo album, The Lady Killer.



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