Celebrity Tweets 6/19

By Katie Jenaway,

Here are what the stars have been tweeting on Tuesday, June 19, 2012:

Justin Bieber had this to say on the release of his new album:

“my new album #BELIEVE is finally Out on ITUNES and IN STORES!! Enjoy OUR ALBUM!! thank u,” he wrote.

Several celebrities offered their love and support of Bieber’s latest record. Here is what they shared:

“’whos gonna make you fall in love I know you got your wall wrapped on all the way around your heart’ listening to Fall by @justinbieber LOVE,” Ashley Tisdale wrote.

“Congrats to @JustinBieber for an amazing album. I am beyond impressed ! #BELIEVE on repeat,” Carly Rae Jepsen wrote.

“Congrats to @justinbieber on his new album #Believe which just came out this week ☺ Go check it out y’all!” Kelly Clarkson wrote.

“Go get @justinbieber album #believe its laavely ☺ #heartbeats,” Jessie J wrote.

“Congrats to @justinbieber for an amazing album #BELIEVE,” Selena Gomez wrote.

“I’ll be in my room with my iPod. Nobody disturb me unless @JustinBieber releases another album,” Ellen DeGeneres wrote.

Here are some other celebrity tweets from throughout the day:

“You were born alone. You will die alone. But that doesn’t mean u should have lots of sex alone,” Ludacris wrote.

“#10WorstFeelings getting rid of that dress that you kept for years thinking that ‘one day I will lose weight and will wear it again,’” Nina Garcia wrote.

“I know two things: 1) ‘dudes’ are not inherently funnier than ‘chicks’. 2) There are some obnoxiously ignorant people in the world,” Wil Wheaton wrote.

“I pray one day technology will advance to a place that will allow us to know when a ball has crossed a line. #EURO12,” Seth Meyers wrote.

“I hope whoever coined the word ‘webinar’ is too busy reaping its benefits to have children,” Dan Harmon wrote.

“The @RedSox are in last place. The @Nationals are in first. I’m ready for you, locusts,” Conan O’Brien wrote.

“No one could think of what to watch on youtube and so we slinked away to do work,” Mindy Kaling wrote.

“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe ……it can achieve,” Billy Ray Cyrus wrote.

“My baby and I are packing for NYC!!! Travel Time,” Khloé Kardashian Odom wrote.

“You love me baby then you unlove me baby #rightsideofyourbrain,” Kourtney Kardashian wrote.

“@JENNIWOWW Can’t wait until our show starts on Thursday!” Snooki wrote.

“Drove in LA …. And got a pair of pink Chanel sunglasses! I feel like a new woman!” Miranda Lambert wrote.

“The roads in NYC are worse than the roads in some Caribbean islands,” Alec Baldwin wrote.

“Draw Something has now been optioned for a tv show. ‘what a great original idea’ said Pictionary,” David Spade wrote.

“Does the KFC kid arguing with the old man over mac and cheese commercial make anyone else feel awkward,” Josh Groban wrote.

“No matter what, a microphone at a school event, of any kind, WILL malfunction. #LawsOfNature,” Chris Gorham wrote.

“Last night in London. I’m going to miss all the pints. Unless I drink them all…Hmmm,” Kunal Nayyar wrote.



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