Courteney Cox to drop David Arquette's last name after divorce is finalized

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

David Arquette and Courteney Cox-Arquette are on the road to divorce and the Friends actress plans on leaving at least one thing behind, part of her last name.

As previously reported, David officially filed for divorce from Courteney after 11 years of marriage, and two years of being separated. He was reportedly holding onto the documents for three months.

Now that the pair are on the road to finalizing the divorce, Courteney plans on dropping the “Arquette” from her last name, and will go back to being Courteney Cox, Contact Music reports.

According to the record, Cox and Arquette both signed the documents within a minute of each other. At the time of announcing their separation, Cox was interviewed on Sirius radio where she explained of her and Arquette’s relationship, “Our relationship is probably better than it would be if we lived together. It's definitely better than it used to be. We communicate better, we have much more respect for each other, we listen. It's hard.”

Both Arquette and Cox have agreed to proceed with the divorce without lawyers, TMZ reports. There is no prenup acknowledged in the paperwork which means their earnings while together would be considered community property and split 50/50.



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