Daniel Tosh and Rob Dyrdek exchange words on Twitter

By Juan C. Guerrero,

Daniel Tosh, host of the Comedy Central web clip show, Tosh.0, and Rob Dyrdek, host of the MTV web clip show, Ridiculousness, exchanged words on Twitter on Wednesday.

Dyrdek sent out two tweets that referenced the "beef" the two have since they host similar shows.

Tosh retweeted Dyrdek’s second tweet and then added his own that took a shot at Dyrdek's show.

The two have exchanged words on Twitter before. According to ESPN, when Ridiculousness was first promoted in 2011, two years after the debut of Tosh.0, Tosh tweeted, "Congrats @robdyrdek. new show looks very funny & familiar."

Dyrdek responded, "Thanks you so much @danieltosh !! Maybe later this week you, @BobSaget and @Tom_Bergeron can come down to my factory and play."

The tweet referenced the former and current hosts of America's Funniest Home Videos, the homemade videos show that has aired since 1989.

In a March interview with ESPN, Dyrdek talked about the allegations that he ripped off Tosh.0.

"It was interesting for me to experience this, the idea of backlash for something I have done," he said. "I'm always known for creating my own lane and this was something different. But, listen, negativity isn't even on my radar. I have so much more to worry about."

He added, "I had this video idea years ago to do the show but was so busy that I couldn't get around to it. I don't need to continue to preach that."

He also said he had no interest in meeting with Tosh.

"It's just not relevant to me anymore. We're not even close to having the same show."



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