David Arquette has a Bar Mitzvah in Jerusalem at age of 41

By Gina DiFalco,

Scream star, David Arquette, is currently in Israel, where he had a Bar Mitzvah.

According to Vosizneias, under Jewish law, Arquette is Jewish, having been born to a Jewish mother. His father became a Muslim.

While normally Jewish boys have a Bar Mitzvah at the age of 13, Arquette did it age 41. It was held at the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

TMZ reports that Arquette arrived in Tel Aviv over the weekend to film a travel show.

Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz, conducted the ceremony and said of Arquette, “He was very emotional, saying he was happy to be part of the chain of the Jewish people. I’m very pleased to see a man.”

Arquette, who is separated from his wife of over 10 years, Courteney Cox, later tweeted “I had my bar mitzvah today at the wall. Finally I’m a man.”

The actor is the youngest in his family, which includes siblings Rosanna, Richmond, Patricia and Alexis.



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