DC Comics to introduce Alan Scott as next gay comic book hero

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

Same-sex marriage is a hot topic both in politics and Hollywood these days, so it's no wonder that DC comics is introducing its newest gay comic book hero, Alan Scott, the Green Lantern.

According to the New York Daily News, the storyline was born from the publisher’s reboot of Earth 2, an alternate universe, where Alan Scott returns as a younger version of his previous self, this time without a wife and children.

James Robinson, series writer, states, “I was sort of putting the team together and I realized one of the only downsides to relaunching the Justice Society as young, vibrant heroes again was that Alan Scott’s son was no longer going to exist in the reboot.” He adds, “I thought that was a shame and then it occurred to me, why not just make Alan Scott gay.”

The Daily News reports that Green Lantern’s outing comes shortly after Marvel’s Astonishing X Men character Northstar proposed to his boyfriend.

Conservative group, One Million Moms, is not thrilled about the newest addition to the gay community, however. In a statement, the group says, “Children mimic superhero actions and even dress up in costumes to resemble these characters as much as possible. Can you imagine little boys saying, ‘I want a boyfriend or husband like X-Men?’”

In rebuttal to One Million Moms' statement, GLAAD tells TMZ, “The idea that a comic book character will make young people gay is as outlandish as saying it will give them a green power ring and the ability to fly. Even more outlandish is the idea that there are 'one million moms' who believe this hate group's anti-gay nonsense. From Christian churches to sports fields, to now even fictional comic book worlds, our culture overwhelmingly supports gay and lesbian Americans and that's what anti-gay groups like this are working against."



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