Donald Trump proceeds with lawsuit against Miss Pennsylvania

By Diana Cooper,

Miss Pennsylvania Sheena Monnin is getting more attention than winner Miss USA winner Olivia Culpo and it looks like it’s not going to change any time soon.

After giving former Miss Penn. a 24-hour ultimatum to issue an apology or retraction for saying the Miss USA pageant is fixed, Trump is proceeding to take legal action against Monnin.

Sources told TMZ that Donald’s lawyers are meeting to draft a defamation lawsuit.

Monnin resigned from the pageant and turned her tiara in to protest her claim that the Miss USA pageant predetermines its winners.

When Monnin learned from a fellow contestant that she “accidentally” saw a sheet with the names of the top five finalists Sunday morning, the 27-year-old wrote on her Facebook page: “In good conscience I can no longer be affiliated in any way with an organization I consider to be fraudulent, lacking in morals, inconsistent and in many ways trashy.”

On Wednesday, Trump told the Today Show, “She said some really strong things. When she’s using the word ‘fraud,’ that’s pretty strong, so we’re going to be suing her on that basis....I never felt that she had a chance [of becoming a finalist].’’

Trump, who called the whole controversy “ridiculous,” also said that no evidence of such a list was found after an investigation has been conducted and that the contestant who told Monnin about the list, denied there even was one.

As for when the lawsuit will be filed, the date has not yet been determined.



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