Donald Trump threatens lawsuit on former Miss Pa. if she doesn't retract her story

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

Donald Trump is not taking back his threats to sue former Miss Pennsylvania, Sheena Monnin, for defamation.

Wednesday, Monnin took to her Facebook to publicly step down from the position as Miss Pennsylvania, stating that the Miss USA pageant is “rigged.” Monnin states that she overheard another contestant claim that she saw the top 5 list, before the top 10 was even revealed. When the top 5 was in fact revealed, the names that the unknown source stated were called as the top 5, and that is when Monnin states she knew the contest was “rigged.”

Along with her crown, Monnin relinquished her support for the organization as well.

These alleged incidents have rubbed the co-owner the wrong way and he is now threatening to file suit. In fact, TMZ reports that Donald is giving Monnin 24 hours to take back her words and issue an apology or he will meet with his lawyers to draw up a defamation lawsuit.

The site notes that it is uncertain when the lawsuit will be filed. Two time judge and pageant host, E! News journalist Giuliana Ranic, weighed in on the recent controversy calling Monnin's claims "ridiculous" and states that in the last competition, Monnin wasn't even trying, E! News reports.

She tells E!, "I was a judge years ago, and I've hosted it twice. There is no way that...the top five are chosen before the pageant, it's ridiculous. If you look at who won and how the girls scored, you can tell it really was based on the questions and the judges chose who they liked. It's ridiculous." She adds, "There was no envelope lying around. Ernst & Young tabulates the votes, there's no way that that accounting firm is going to let that information get out."



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