Justin Bieber matures with new album

By Lindsay Barton,

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Justin Bieber is far from his “Baby” days. The teen pop sensation is an old pro at making girls swoon, but he’s still got a lot of growing up to do.

Scooter Braun, his manager, couldn’t agree more.

“He still needs guidance; he’s still finding his way. He’s no longer a boy, but he’s definitely not a man,” he told Billboard.

Braun said Bieber is in a different situation than pop stars of the past. Thanks to social media, he has literally gone through puberty in front of the world. The young star had high expectations and people were waiting for him to break under the pressure.

Luckily, Bieber has a thick skin. He’s taken control of his superstardom and makes it a point to interact with his fans through social media.

He’s been doing pretty well with that. So well, that he was named the top social artist at the Billboard Music Awards for having 22.3 million Twitter followers.

However, it only gets more difficult as he grows older. Maintaining his public image is important to ensure a strong fan base. Bieber believes staying close-lipped during interviews is one of the few ways to protect himself.

Bieber will have to get his game face on in the coming weeks. His busy schedule includes promoting his newest album, Believe. He performs on the Today show tomorrow, where many “Beliebers” have been waiting anxiously to see their favorite star.



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