Justin Bieber's fans camp out outside 'Today' show, he reveals a special guest will join him

By Gina DiFalco,

Justin Bieber will be performing live on the Today show Friday afternoon, and his fans are so eager to ensure they will get the best view that they have been camping out since Wednesday afternoon.

About 50 Beliebers showed up in Rockefeller Center on Wednesday and since then, even more have followed suit.

"We came to the Today show last November, but we were way, way in the back, so we got out front this time," 17-year-old fan Hayley told MTV News. "And we're going to see him this time because he's amazing and beautiful."

Although it has been raining, campers came prepared with umbrellas and sleeping bags.

"The rain has been a big issue because I really don't like getting my hair wet, honestly, but everybody here has been pretty good," added Hayley. "We just have umbrellas, because we're not allowed to have tents."

Explained 15-year-old Amanda, “When he comes out onstage, it's just going to hit us and he's just going to be right there, like, practically singing to us.” She added, "He's my idol; he's the only person I'd sleep on the ground for, for two nights."

Meanwhile, Bieber took to his Twitter account to write “@todayshow friday we do it big! who's coming?”

While the Today show Twitter handle revealed “@JustinBieber is bringing along a special guest on Friday. Who will it be? Tweet your guesses!”

Who do you think it will be?



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