Kanye West's home robbed

By Robert Kirchgassner,

The Los Angeles home of rap star Kanye West was burglarized Wednesday morning.

Police announced the news to E! after responding to a call about a robbery on West’s block.

The rapper was not at home when it was broken into. Police have yet to confirm if any of his property was taken. There is also presently no information about a suspect.

West, who is reportedly dating Kim Kardashian, attempted to sell the three-bedroom house for nearly $4 million in 2010. The home was recently put up on the market again at the same time Kardashian, 31, put her L.A. home up for sale.

"Kim is selling her home privately," a spokesperson for Kardashian said. "Kanye and Kim are thinking about moving in together."

He has lately been fighting reports that he tweeted naked pictures of Kardashian.

"In regards to this 'story' that Kanye posted and then took down intimate pictures on his Twitter account: TOTALLY FALSE. Laughably so. This phantom tweet never occurred on his account,” a rep for West said. "This is obviously the desperate, sad act of someone seeking to gain media exposure by exploiting Kanye's notoriety. Kanye doesn't even know this person, has never seen this picture, and hasn't been on his Twitter account for a day."



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