Kesha gets new tattoo on inner lip

By Kevin Lewis,

Kesha recently posted a picture on Twitter of a new tattoo on the inside of her lower lip which reads “suck it!”

The “TiK ToK” singer posted the picture with the caption “New tatt!!!” The tattoo has gotten mixed responses from online comments.

She also posted a picture of herself with the tattoo artist, Jules, who works at Alchemy Tattoo Parlour in Los Angeles.

According to SF Gate, Kesha is also known as an amateur tattoo artists herself. She gave Flaming Lips singer Wayne Coyne his first tattoo with a smiley face on his toe. "We showed up at her house, and she has a tattoo gun that she gives everyone a tattoo with, so within 20 minutes of being at her house, I had a tattoo on my toe; it's the only tattoo I've ever had," Coyne said last month, according to Mirror.

She also gave Andrew W.K. a scar on his arm when her botched attempt became infected.

According to N.Y. Daily News, the tattoo is the 25-year-old’s sixth piece of body art. She has tattoos of an anchor, skull, and crossbones on her wrist. She also has the word “YEAH!” on her foot and a dollar sign on her hand.



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