Kurt Cobain's smashed guitar for sale

By Robert Kirchgassner ,

One of the smashed guitars owned by the late Kurt Cobain is now up sale on the Discovery Channel’s new show Final Offer.

The instrument was broken on stage in November 1989. But that is not the only unique aspect of it.

"If you flip it over, there's a lot of hand-carved messages and symbols on the back that Kurt placed on there himself," seller Brian Scott told prospective buyers. "Some of these are sort of obscene."

Final Offer showcases four buyers in four separate rooms. The seller chooses which buyer to deal with first. If the seller elects to talk to another buyer, he cannot return to accept a previous offer.

Final Offer airs Thursday at 10 p.m.

Another smashed guitar belonging to Cobain sold in 2008 for $100,000 to an unidentified buyer.

"It's a really cool-looking guitar because it's smashed and held together with duct tape and Kurt Cobain wrote on it," Jacob McMurray, curator at the Experience Music Project in Seattle, said at the time.

Cobain was the lead singer and guitarist of the grunge band Nirvana. He died at age 27 of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head in 1994. Cobain was known for his struggles with depression and drug addiction.



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