Lady Gaga sings on, despite concussion

By Lydia Underwood,

Lady Gaga suffered a concussion during her show in Auckland, New Zealand on Sunday.

After being hit in the head by accident with a metal pole during the song “Judas” by a male backup dancer, Gaga kept singing. Later, she reportedly said, “I think I may have a concussion, but don’t you worry I will finish this show.”

Fans have been showing Gaga support all day, even trending #prayforGaga on Twitter.

Gaga, 26, is currently on her Born This Way Ball tour. The Born This Way Ball tour is the third tour to feature her album Born This Way. The tour began in Seoul, South Korea, on April 27 . It’s scheduled to end in 2013.

Gaga is working on a new album. However, we’ll have to wait to find out what it’s called until this fall! Lady Gaga tweeted, "Exciting news little monsters! I've played my new record for my label and will be announcing my new Album Title in September! X.”

In an interview with MTV, she said, "I've started writing it and I have the name for it and all the concepts are beginning to flourish and take place." She added, "I'm excited to put it out, but it's not done yet. So I'll put it out when it's done."



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