Lindsay Lohan was not drunk during crash

By Daniel S Levine,

Lindsay Lohan’s car crash on Friday has, so far, not resulted in any trouble with the police. An open container of alcohol was reportedly found at the scene and Lohan did lie to police about being the passenger in the Porsche. The good news for the actress, though, is that she was not drinking and no alcohol was found in her system.

On Wednesday, a source explained to RadarOnline why police never administered a blood test on Lohan. “Lindsay was given a portable breathalyzer test along with several other field sobriety tests and she passed them all,” the source said, adding that she was fully cooperative, which is why they never requested a blood sample. “...They concluded that she wasn't under the influence and didn't need to be given a blood test. Lindsay was shaken up obviously about the accident, but that is to be expected. The cops told her that she was lucky to be alive, and her seat belt absolutely saved her life,” the source said.

Police confirmed to TMZ that there was no alcohol in Lohan’s system. Law enforcement sources also confirmed that she was driving with an open container of alcohol, though, with the alcohol in a water bottle. One source said it was in the trunk while another said it was actually recovered in the debris after the crash.

RadarOnline notes, though, that Sergeant Richard Lewis of the Santa Monica Police Department has told the media that, “There was no container retrieved from the vehicle. There was a container found in the debris by the side of the road but that doesn’t mean it came from the car.”

If Lohan gets charged for anything out of the incident, it might be lying to a police officer. TMZ reports that Lohan did tell officers that she was a passenger in the car, but then her assistant told police she was the driver.

Lohan had crashed her car on the Pacific Coast Highway Friday and was taken to the hospital for minor injuries. She was later released and went straight to work on the set of Liz & Dick, her upcoming Lifetime movie. On Tuesday, we reported that Lohan has joined the cast of The Canyons with porn star James Deen.



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