Maroon 5 becomes overexposed with 'Overexposed'

By Kevin Lewis,

Maroon 5 is going bigger with Overexposed.

"The title is kind of pre-emptively saying, 'Hey, we're overexposed. Deal with it,'" lead singer Adam Levine told MTV News. The band says they have embraced their status as international hit makers and are not ashamed of their celebrity.

Overexposed came out exactly ten years after Maroon 5’s debut album Songs About Jane. The disc garnered legions of fans who have since bombarded the band with complaints and requests to return to their roots. Maroon 5, however, is indifferent to any backlash and is proud of the direction they took with Overexposed.

“I find that people who complain about wanting that original sound would be the same people where, if you had a record that sounded like the first one, they would say, 'Why don't you guys branch out and change a little bit?' So it's sort of like, 'Screw you ... deal with it. Come with us on this journey or bye!'” said Levine.

The pop-heavy Overexposed features collaborations with hit making producers/songwriters such as Max Martin, Ryan Tedder and Benny Blanco. The new help marks a departure from the band’s previous emphasis on staying within the band and outside of the pop music conglomerate. "No one has ever written a note for this band who wasn't in the inner circle," Levine told Billboard back in 2010 according to the Los Angeles Times.



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