Matthew Fox avoids jail for DUI

By Robert Kirchgassner ,

Lost star Matthew Fox has managed to avoid jail time regarding his DUI charge from May.

This marks another relief in legal matters for the actor, 45. Days earlier, a complaint from a bus driver in Cleveland claiming he injured her in 2011 when he refused to depart from a private party-bus was also dropped.

But that does not mean that Fox is above the law.

Deschutes County Deputy District Attorney Cliff Lu announced that the actor will be required to participate in a court-ordered treatment program.

A year from now, if Fox has met the program’s requirements, he can ask the court to dismiss the charge.

"The court did not suspend or revoke his license," Lu said. "Since the defendant was not sentenced, there was no agreement that the state would seek no jail. The bottom line is that the defendant was not sentenced, so there could not be a negotiated settlement on jail between defendant and my office.

Conditions of the program will include Fox’s driving privileges being revoked for that year. He is also forbidden from drinking alcohol.

He was pulled over by police in Oregon May 4 when they spotted him swerving in his lane. They later determined that the actor was intoxicated and arrested him.



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