'Mrs. Eastwood & Company' recap - 'If The Nose Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It'

By Meghan Giannotta,

The Eastwood family is still enjoying their vacation in Maui as this weeks episode, If The Nose Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix it, continues where last weeks left off.

Tyler, Francesca, and Dina sit at the table in their Maui family home discussing where Tyler will sleep during the vacation. Dina doesn’t feel it is respectable for Tyler to stay in the house with Franny and they come to the conclusion that Tyler will sleep in a tent outside. While Dina is uncomfortable with this, Tyler says he doesn’t care where he stays and is excited to sleep outside.

Overtone is still dealing with their drama as Emile told Eduard and Riaan that they are not allowed to date each other. The band decides to go hangout by the pool and relax to relieve the tension. When Dina comes to visit the band she gets upset that they are hanging by the pool drinking when they should be at the gym or getting ready for their big performance at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center. Emile tells Dina that they thought it was a good idea to relax being that there has been tension regarding who would sleep in what room in the hotel. Dina asks Eddie to tell her what is going on but Eddie decides to keep the drama within the band.

Dina goes back to her Maui house and gets a call from her brother Dominic who hasn’t arrived at the house yet. Dominic is hurt and tells Dina that at the airport Tyler jumped in his back like a plank and he believes that he has cracked his rib. Dina is worried because Dominic needs to be healthy for Overtone’s show because he usually is a big help with show production.

At dinner, Tyler shares with the family his big and crazy plans for the next morning to find a cliff to jump off of and to go underwater shooting. Dina is worried about his outrageously unsafe plans. Tyler tells the table that he has many talents including staying awake for 40 days at a time and being able to hold his breath underwater for about eight minutes. Dina sees right through Tyler’s stories and feels bad for Franny that she cannot see that Tyler’s stories must be lies.

Overtone decides to go to the gym together, but they get into another negative conversation about Riaan and Eddie’s relationship. Emile once again says to Eddie that he cannot date a member of the band and while Riaan decides to stay out of the argument, Eddie takes it very personally and leaves the gym.

Riaan then finds Eddie and they talk about the situation on their hotel’s balcony. Eddie explains to Riaan that the band is supposed to be like his family and if they are going to tell him whom he cannot love then he will consider leaving the band to be with Riaan.

Meanwhile, the band and Morgan and her friends are all hanging out at the Eastwood’s house. When Morgan and her friends jump in the pool they realize that one of her friends now has a bloody nose. Dina knows that because Morgan’s friends are staying with her that she is responsible for their well-being and tries to help the girl. When Tyler hears that there is a bloody nose he immediately takes over the situation and says that he has had many broken noses and needs to check if her nose is broken. After looking at her nose for a second he tells the girl her nose is broken and Dina gets very upset with him for making the girl freak out when her nose is not broken. Tyler says he is a doctor and knows what he is doing and Dina finds this very disrespectful and calls Tyler a psychopathic liar.

No one has ever seen Dina get so mad and Tyler and Franny decide to leave the house. Franny doesn’t want to get involved or take a side, but she gets upset when Tyler says he will never come back to the house to talk to Dina ever again.

Dina gets very upset and realizes that her argument with Tyler will cause a problem between her and Franny. Dina tells her brother Dominic that she doesn’t want Tyler at any family function again.



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