Success of 'Hatfields & McCoys' sparks increase in tourism interest for state of West Virginia (Video)

By Gina DiFalco,

The History Channel’s three-part special Hatfields & McCoys has gained popularity since it aired, with the network gaining record-breaking viewers.

The show holds the record for the most-watched non-sports show ever on ad-supported cable television. In the end, however, the show is the second most watched non-sports cable program behind High School Musical, which is not ad-supported.

According to The Associated Press, the state of West Virginia is hoping that the success Hatfields & McCoys garnered will translate into a boom in tourism.

WV Governor Earl Ray Tomblin thinks that the mini-series is beneficial to the state, as it shows how they’re the only state that was made because of the Civil War.

Tourism officials have reportedly been bombarded with phone calls from potential tourists wanting to visit the areas depicted on the shows. In addition, West Virginia tourism websites have been producing a high in visits.

The curious Hatfields & McCoys viewers have been inquiring on where to visit the burial plot of Devil Anse Hatfield as well as the location of the Battle of Grapevine Creek.

Contact Music reports that Memorial Day’s premiere garnered 13.9 million viewers and the final night drew in a record 14.3 million viewers. The average of all three nights was 13.8 million viewers.

Check out a trailer for Hatfields & McCoys below:



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