10 Fake Celebrity Deaths

By Raneisha Wilkinson,

Every now and then Twitter tries to kill off celebrities for fun, when in fact the people behind these “fake deaths” hurt the family and friends of these noted stars. Normally when a fake celebrity death occurs, the cause is normally from a snowboarding accident In Switzerland, a car accident, or pre-existing health issues. Below are some of the people that I personally remember:

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10. Jackie Chan- Twitter reported he died in 2011, saying that he died from a heart attack. There were fan pages up on Facebook in memory of him, yet no official report confirmed his death.

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9. Taylor Swift- She was a victim of the Twitter death hoax around the time that incident happened between her and Kanye West at the MTV Music Awards.

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8. Adam Sandler- He became a victim of the fake Twitter death hoax last year. False reports claimed that he was killed in a snowboarding accident. Someone called me during lab to tell me this and I believed it at first, but of course there wasn’t any confirmation.

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7. Ruby Dee- This legendary actress was a victim of a Twitter death hoax when people confused her with the late Heavy D, who did pass away late 2011.

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6. Keke Palmer- Rumors of her death circulated on Twitter earlier this year, saying she was involved in a car accident. Keke took to her Twitter account to verify that she is alive and well and that making allegations like that are hurtful to her family and friends.

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5. Kanye West- What would the world be like without good old Kanye? Twitter tried to kill him shortly after the controversy he caused at the MTV Music Awards with Taylor Swift. He supposedly died in a car accident.

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4. President Obama- The masterminds behind his death hoax were reportedly Fox News reps. They released a series of tweets saying the President was assassinated and it upset a lot of people.

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3. Robert Pattinson- With all the controversy he’s dealing with at the moment, a death hoax makes the situation even worse. R.Patz was said to have been involved in a car accident but no official reports surfaced.

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2. Brad Pitt- He became the latest celebrity to be involved in a death hoax over the weekend with false reports claiming he died from a snowboarding accident in Switzerland.

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1.Eddie Murphy- Ok seriously, this man has fake deaths like every month. Murphy has been killed off on Twitter so many times, it’s not even funny. Reports range from him getting into car accidents to again, snowboarding accidents. It was so bad to the point to where my mother would call me from work asking me to check online to see if these rumors were true. Good thing he’s still alive.

These fake deaths are always nerve-wreaking to the people that care for these celebrities. If these individuals continue to be victims of fake deaths, nobody would actually believe they died when the situation occurs.

Taylor Swift image: CBS



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