Ben Gibbard announces solo record 'Former Lives'

By Louie Aronowitz,

At about 15 years into his main focus, Death Cab For Cutie frontman Ben Gibbard is temporarily dropping the band, and going solo.

With seven official albums, tons of other work, and various side projects, this will be the first official solo release by singer/songwriter Ben Gibbard.

Though some may consider All Time Quarterback a Gibbard solo record, Rolling Stone is labeling the October 15 release as his debut.

The singer has previously put out multiple highly acclaimed side projects such as Postal Service, which became a massive success in the sub-pop indie culture. He has also played several Solo Shows over the years, sans Death Cab, but has yet to set out as a true solo act.

In discussing the origins of the songs, Gibbard told Stereogum these were not just leftover b-sides that didn’t make a Death Cab record. He also assured fans the solo release, Former Lives was not a result of any disappointment from his main band, just a side project.

Seems like a record of Ben Gibbard songs, without Death Cab breaking up, is good news on all counts. The last Death Cab record, Codes and Keys came out last summer, so it is about time Ben dropped a few more tracks on the world.

Here are a few previews of what Ben Gibbard solo is like:




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