How Olympian Ryan Lochte prepares for the London Games

By Marissa Willstein,

Ryan Lochte has been bulking up for the 2012 Summer Olympics and all I can say is, he looks mighty good. Although us ladies use the swimmer’s six-pack for our viewing pleasure, Lochte’s muscles actually serve a purpose. He’s been stepping up his training regimen and keeping to a strict diet in order to wow the world in London this year.

Lochte, 27, disclosed his exercise and diet secrets in People’s latest issue.

“I wasn’t really satisfied with my outcome in 2008 so I needed to change some things,” Lochte explained.

Although his expertise lies in the pool, he wanted to concentrate a good deal of training time on solid ground. Taking tips from his weight coach, Lochte started to train with “strong-man” inspired drills. And yes, that means flipping 850 lb. tires!

Also in an effort to step up his game, he traded in fast food for heart-healthy eats.

Lochte’s diet previously consisted of “two or three McDonald’s egg McMuffins, some hashbrowns and maybe a chicken sandwich.”

Nowadays, he’s treating his body to scrambled eggs, fruit, oatmeal, salads and nutritious wraps.

The changes Lochte has made already seem to be paying off. He beat Michael Phelps twice in the races leading up to the 2012 Olympics.



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