Jessica Simpson: Loving being a part of Weight Watchers

By Edan Stanley,

Jessica Simpson will turn philanthropic in a couple months with her Weight Watchers spokesperson deal.

After becoming a mother just a few months ago, Simpson has been working to bring her weight back to a happy place, safely and slowly. Accepting a deal from Weight Watchers, she’s been working with a group, dieting, and exercising.

On Thursday, Simpson tweeted to her followers, “Just bought all the girls in my @Weightwatchers group pedometers to track their steps” and “10,000 steps a day = 5 miles! Let’s step it up!” So Jessica Simpson is literally taking all the steps to her goal.

Simpson tells People Magazine, “There’s not a goal weight – I just want to feel normal and fixate on inches. I really want to set small goals so I’m constantly reaching goals and not looking at something so far ahead.”

While Simpson is busy with her exercise and getting back to feeling comfortable in her own body, she continues to tweet about her little family and how happy she is.



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