Is Miley Cyrus getting tattoos removed before her wedding day?

By April Chieffo,

INF Daily

Has Miley Cyrus grown tried of some of her body art? The 19-year-old starlet, who is engaged to boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, sparked rumors that she may be getting one of her tattoos removed after spending two hours at a laser tattoo removal clinic over the weekend. She was spotted leaving in a hurry.

It's not clear what she is getting removed, but the singer/ actress does have a number of tattoos. She has 14 tattoos including a dreamcatcher on her ribcage, "Just Breathe," an anchor on her wrist, numerous tattoos located on her fingers, and "love never dies" on her left arm, to name a few.

Miley also just recently got a new tattoo just two months ago. According to Entertainmentwise, her latest tattoo was of the roman numerals VIIXCI, which according to The Sun,  had no meaning when she first got it done.

Miley has said she could "never get a meaningless tattoo," but maybe she's getting some of her ink removed in preparation  for her upcoming wedding.



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