Oliver Stone slams Obama, expresses pro-pot views

By Julia Davs,

Oliver Stone’s latest flick, Savages is an action-packed thriller designed to shock and entertain audience members, more than confer a serious political message. However, Stone isn’t afraid to announce that he’s an unabashed supporter of legalizing marijuana.

Savages tells the story of two California pot dealers who get caught up with the Mexican drug cartel. “It’s set in California, and we have a new burgeoning industry here with young independent growers. It makes sense. It’s a hypothetical situation; it could happen,” Stone said in an interview with MTV news.

Stone denies that the film is intended to communicate a specific political stance. “There’s no message,” he said.

Nonetheless, Stone didn’t hold back when asked about his personal views on the issue. The Academy Award-winning director denounced the federal government’s long-standing legislative tug-of-war over marijuana, declaring that it’s time to take the issue off the table and legalize the drug.

“We have criminal justice that has been perverted,” Stone said, “We have victimless crimes all over our jails: 50 percent of our jail population is involved with victimless crimes, most of them with drugs.”

This isn’t the first time Stone has expressed a pro-legalization stance. Last month, Stone posed for the August cover of High Times Magazine. He told the pro-pot publication, “I’m thinking myself of getting into the business, although I suspect there’d be a lot of stress with the Feds changing the rules all the time.”

Indeed, Stone expressed extreme disappointment at the federal government, particularly the Obama administration. “Obama promised it, but he never delivered. He certainly talked about it. He let us down in a big way on that issue,” he said.

So if Obama can’t seem to fix the problem, what will?

“Young leadership,” Stone said. “Maybe when some of these old, ignorant bastards die, we can change things.”



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