Pitbull makes it to Kodiak, Alaska, makes friends with a bear

By Daniel S Levine,

Just as he promised his fans earlier this month, Pitbull made it to Kodiak, Alaska on Monday. He hung out with a bear, received his own survival kit and was accompanied by David Thorpe, the comedian who planned the hoax to send him to one of the most isolated Walmarts in the country.

Earlier this month, Thorpe, a writer for the Boston Phoenix, and his friends hijacked a Walmart promotion with Sheets Energy Strips to send Pitbull to the Walmart whose Facebook page had the most likes. Thorpe picked Kodiak, Alaska, which quickly earned more likes than there are people in Kodiak.

Suddenly, Pitbull agreed to go to Kodiak as a tribute to his fans and to fulfill a promise he made to go wherever they send him. He even invited Thorpe to come along.

Pitbull arrived in Kodiak Monday and chronicled the trip on his Twitter page.

He was first stunned to see a road sign warning that there were bears in the area, writing, “this is a first 4 me...” Next, he showed off the pictures he took with Thorpe, who looked just as happy to be there as Pitbull.

Walmart was also happy to show Mr. Worldwide’s trip, including the survival kit he was handed. He also made a new friend: a fake beat standing in the middle of the store.

Based on his tweets and the photos, it certainly looks like Pitbull had a great time in the Last Frontier. He has to rush back to the lower 48 for a show in Atlanta tonight.

image: Twitter



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